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Traffic Monsoon - SEC Targeting Sunil Patel

Sunil Patel has released a Testimonial video which has a number of affiliates stating that Traffic Monsoon is not an investment.

But the information that Sunil gives at the beginning of the video is the real interest here.
The SEC have been sending documents to Sunil and personally phoning him. What he says makes very interesting reading:

'...I'm not a fool. I can sniff out a Ponzi scheme any time. This is not a Ponzi scheme... you have targeted my personal addresses now, you have targeted my email, sending me letters, when all I am is a genuine Traffic Monsoon are invading my personal spaces, sending documents to my houses. You are in no jurisdiction to do that. There is not one part of evidence to say that I am part of Traffic Monsoon and you have invaded my personal space and I am deeply, deeply insulted by that. Since you froze our funds I have used my personal funds to arrange Revolution Day. Everything I do is from my heart and my soul and my passion, to not let down the thousands, and hundreds of thousands of people that I've inspired to do Traffic Monsoon. I have not made a penny of any profits from Traffic Monsoon have targeted 3.5 million members from all around the world, we have members from around 196 countries SEC, we grew so fast. Why did we grow so fast? Because in 2008 their was a recession which was orchestrated by the banks..the governments and the SEC...Charles devised a system from home where people with no money, can make money, thats never been heard of from the history on-line... That's the system that we created as an online business... I have a massive following in India, all coming through Traffic Monsoon...after the credit crunch that you created, we have just tried to do something from home where we can earn think you can write letters to properties that I own, when I've got nothing to do with Traffic Monsoon management, I'm just a member that loves other members. My credentials are not of the average person SEC, you have to look at my background to see where I've come from. I come from contribution and growth and thats something SEC that you can't understand. I do things unconditionally, I don't want nothing back... I was supposed to start a property development with my cousin who works in Los Angelos...I have postponed my development in Florida which was going to create jobs in America for about 100 people that my consortium was going to handle and it's very likely that job is off...we are in the top five companies in the world for our growth..(Traffic Monsoon) is not a Ponzi and its not a money team personally and the team that I recruited, we had a campaign where we were targeting all the shops in our local areas in London. We were offering traffic in business..and we recruited more people that way, that was my strategy in Traffic Monsoon. I became a triple Diamond because we were targeting businesses because we were saying ' can we increase your business, can we get more people through your door.We will prove it, we will pay $5 to $10 dollars for your advertising to prove what we can do. That's how I became the Top Ten earner in the world at Traffic Monsoon. I deserve every single dollar, every single cent that you're holding of mine, ok, I worked so hard for that, more than I did for my property business. My property business suffered because of my passion that I put into Traffic Monsoon...we are innocent until proven guilty... and I'm not going to stop until we get justice... 
My request to the Traffic Monsooners, don't insult the SEC, don't swear, don't abuse the SEC, lets work together with the SEC, lets work in conjunction with them, with Peggy, Daniel, Alison- who I've spoken to on the phone- lets work together and lets make a solution to this problem, before the 1st November. You have my phone number SEC, you can phone me any time. But my request to the Traffic Monsooners, stop the hate campaign, stop the swearing and the abuse ...I am one of the leaders that's been here from the beginning and all you leaders that have deserted Traffic Monsoon, shame on you because all you guys wanted was money...we will win... I WILL SEE YOU IN UTAH.'

Sunil says that the SEC don't know him. Maybe we should tell the SEC a little more about you then Sunil.    

Sunil is a Landlord who received a mention in his local paper

'They include Sunil Patel, who was prosecuted at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court in December, where he was given an 18-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs of more than £8,600 after he failing to carry out a raft of checks and repairs at his flat in Australia Road, White City .'

And another mention here:

and here:

'A BENEFITS fraudster has been jailed for 15 months after falsely claiming more than £33,000.

Sunil Patel was caught out after claiming for a number of different benefits from both Hounslow and Ealing Councils, despite owning eight properties across west London.

He applied for housing benefits, council tax benefits and income support for renting an apartment in Wallis House, Brentford, for a year from October 2008 even though he had bought the property for £305,000 in July the same year.

Patel claimed the landlord, Serjit Singh, lived in a property in Burlington Road, Chiswick and charged Patel £1,300 a month, however Mr Singh has never been found and it transpired Patel actually owned the Chiswick property himself.

His web of deceit went even further in January 2010 when he made a new claim to Ealing Council for housing benefit, local housing allowance and council tax benefit while he lived at a property in Whellock Road, Chiswick, which is just inside Ealing.

Unknown to Patel, Hounslow Council were already investigating his claims following an anonymous tip off in September 2009 that he was claiming housing benefits for the Wallis House apartment.'

It will be interesting to see if Sunil really does attend the hearing on November 1st .
Watch this space...

Traffic Monsoon - Charles Scoville Timeline - Jan 2016 to Present

This is a *timeline of Charles announcements since Paypal froze the Traffic Monsoons funds back in January.
*added to regularly

12th January 2016
'As you already know from the video, I'm currently in Dubai. One reason for that is to setup an office in the World Trade Center Dubai. Part of this process is also setting up a bank here, and having an additional business registration here in the UAE. We're transitioning from using PayPal to opening our own TM World Bank. VIDEO: Processor Account Balances For Transition: Our goal with opening our bank is to send you TM MasterCards for easier access to your earnings! We'll also have complete control over the funds received by the company for revenue sharing, without any worry about the payment processors taking control of funds. This will also increase quality of our services and reduce risk of click cheating, because with the bank we'll need to verify "Know Your Customer" documents to ensure that each member getting paid is uniquely different from all other members. What this means for you if you use PayPal: For the next 30 days you'll be able to still make purchases with PayPal. We're unable to process withdrawals through PayPal because funds will begin moving into Payza and our own TM World bank account to support withdrawal requests. We do recommend that you start using Payza for purchases for now until we get the TM World Bank completed. If you used PayPal for withdrawals, you'll be able to gain access to your funds with Payza instead during this transition. There will be a space provided for you to enter your payza email address and begin making withdrawals of your earnings through Payza. If you don't have a Payza account, get signed up for FREE here: We'll be moving funds from PayPal to Payza, then to our own TM Worldwide Bank. Until the bank is finished getting setup, if you wish to make larger purchases unable to be processed through Payza or SolidTrustPay, you're welcomed to wire the funds to the following bank details: SWIFT CODE: CHASUS33 NAME OF BANK: JP Morgan Chase Bank ADDRESS: 2610 S STATE ST SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84115 BANK ROUTING: 124001545 ACCOUNT #: 734785868 Charles Scoville My Address: 4927 Murray Blvd Apt Z9 Murray, UT 84123 
Best Regards, Charles Scoville Owner - TrafficMonsoon

13th January 2016
There's another company which used payment processors and sold millions of their products/services.. When they setup their own bank, they became a billion dollar company; generating billions in sales, instead of millions. Sales increased. Their ability to penetrate additional markets increased. They could provide their services to more countries the processors didn't accept sending/receiving money to. The same team which setup that bank for this other company is the same team working on setting up TM World Bank. It's an honor working with these individuals. For the long term, this is going to be a greater benefit for traffic monsoon members than anyone might be able to imagine right now. Yes, it's a bit of a frustration -- just like it would be to move from one hosting company to another -- we're moving to our own bank, so I respect that some will find this a bit frustrating .. but in the long-run, this will be so much better for each member, and so much better for the company as a whole.
Not only does this give us the ability to sell more services to more people.. but it also will make it a lot easier for our members to get paid, and use their money faster without a middleman. It also protects the company over the long-term from sudden decisions a processor like paypal might make without warning. We'll have full control over the assets of the company, which is exactly the best way forward to make this company stand strong for years to come.
If you knew of the exciting things happening right now with amazing Emirates I'm meeting while here in Dubai, no one would think this is even close to being over. We're just getting started!..'

17th January 2016
$31,259,465.00 + $20,246,413.89 = $51,505,878.89
We're in transition to move these funds out of PayPal. I have a meeting today, and if all goes well then we'll have 13 million to cover all member account balances moved into the bank, ...'

20th January 2016
'Announcement:. Charles Scoville
I would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Amin forati as our new CFO (Chief Financial Officer) .It is the president of the group of B & Ambassador of Malta, and has a lot of experience with banking and financial systems.
Dr. Amin. Forati is very famous for its exceptional character, his integrity and his willingness to help the needy and give everyone an equal chance to grow, regardless of their position.
Those who have had the chance to work with him knew he was a man who respected his word and held its importance above any contract.
He was a devoted family man who always applies his family based on concepts of how he managed his own company.
Dr. Amin. Forati was born in 1969 and earned his MD from the University of Shiraz Medical Sciences in 1995, then the study of the quality management system by SGS and passed all the training and courses traveled to Toronto and continue his studies in management system of quality and became the principal auditor registered in the quality management system (ISO 9000) and recorded in the accounts of lead (OHSAS 18001) and sme and appointed as the manager for qmi in Middle East region.
This led to his appointment as advisor youngest head of industry in 1998, however, in 1998, he decided to be more hands on the market and worked as a consultant for a financial company. In 1998 he was appointed as Secretary General for the chamber of commerce and become a VIP member of the European Foundation of Arab and directors of the local association of financial and commercial company.
In 1999, he created the group & B with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates was a bold move, since they were troubled times, when the market was monopolized by companies managed internationally. Yet he managed to become one of the largest Financial and commercial group in the world.
In 2007 he received his PhD in Economics honored and college business management system of Oxford for Higher Education and doctoral studies and high education committee with reference number 11116776 and b was appointed economic advisor for the oil companies. She quickly multiplied its profits and became known on the international scene.
He was appointed in 2008 as a senior consultant for the eabaff development program), EU-Arab States Economic and Groupement D'European interest in Arab affairs and scholarships of the foundation with the International registration number eu356563.'

29th January 2016
Admin Posted on 29 Jan 2016 03:49 PM
Hello, thank you for being a valued Traffic Monsoon member!
We're currently transitioning from using PayPal to opening our own TM World Bank.
Our goal with opening our bank is to send you TM MasterCards for easier access to your earnings! We'll also have complete control over the funds received by the company for revenue sharing, without any worry about the payment processors taking control of funds.
This will also increase quality of our services and reduce risk of click cheating, because with the bank we'll need to verify "Know Your Customer" documents to ensure that each member getting paid is uniquely different from all other members.
What this means for you if you use PayPal:
We're unable to process withdrawals through PayPal because funds will begin moving into Payza and our own TM World bank account to support withdrawal requests.
We do recommend that you start using Payza for purchases for now until we get the TM World Bank completed.
If you used PayPal for withdrawals, you'll be able to gain access to your funds with Payza instead during this transition.
There will be a space provided for you to enter your Payza email address and begin making withdrawals of your earnings through Payza.
If you don't have a Payza account, get signed up for FREE via Payza website.
Payza Sign Up -
We'll be moving funds from PayPal to Payza, then to our own TM Worldwide Bank.
Until the bank is finished getting setup, if you wish to make larger purchases unable to be processed through Payza or SolidTrustPay, you're welcomed to wire the funds if the minimum is of $7500/£5000 (please ask for wire transfer details)
Also please be aware, if your banners/sites are currently not showing or you are having issues logging in; this will be sorted as we are going through the transition. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Best Regards,
CEO - Charles Scoville

4th February 2016

From the Official Traffic Monsoon Facebook page:
'PayPal is now up to $58,553,217.77 -- Please get the word around to start using Payza for purchases. This balance has grown by more than $10 Million since this announcement was made. If that amount was inside Payza instead we'd have no pending payouts through Payza'

5th February 2016

9th February 2016
'Everyone knows what the situation is. We're in a position where most of the funds are inside paypal and paypal is not allowing funds to go out. We've retained one of the top attorneys in the USA to help with this matter. Their only reasoning for holding onto funds is because we grew too fast in a short amount of time. We have a group of people here in Dubai who have been working on resolution towards making sure members get paid right away using a new payment gateway. We're getting closer to finishing the resolution to the matter. #1 goal is paying members asap while we resolve getting funds out of paypal. What PayPal is doing is not fair on our members, me, or the company as a whole. In fact, we believe it's illegal what PayPal is doing. We're doing our best given the situation, and I don't know why anyone would say B.S. when I've always been honest and open with our members.
Just know we are working on the best outcome for all members asap, which means payouts, not just payments for purchases. We have made some very incredible connections I can't even describe or release who they are, but I will just say that we are very close to the resolution of the matter at hand, and that there are plans in development for taking TM to a whole new level structurally and commercially...'

12th February 2016
I truly am doing all that I can to get this situation resolved, and have met with so many people discussing ways to overcome it, including individuals who are in position to help in significant ways. PayPal is promising to send the balance in full within 180 days.
We're working through many solutions, including retaining one of the best attorneys to resolve this situation. This attorney has worked with the Department of Justice, has connections who are in the FBI, and a friend of his also is friends with the CEO of PayPal. We're working all possible channels to get this resolved amicably and quickly.
Please know that I recognize fully the position this is placing each of you in, and I am working so very hard to get this resolved for you and all members as soon as humanly possible.
Worse case scenario, PayPal will release the funds in a max of 180 days and everyone's pending withdrawals will be paid. I've always been honest with you, so I at least hope you stick with me through this journey as we face what PayPal has done to YOUR business together and get through it together, and keep going for years and years to come.
Best case sceneario, we'll have a new payment gateway added to the system in a matter of days and our solutions we've been working on will be in full force and within the next 3 weeks or so we'll have all the pending payouts caught up and withdrawals instant again. If all the sales which have been going into PayPal these last few weeks went into Payza & Solid Trust Pay, then we wouldn't have any issues with paying anyone.. So let's focus on having everyone use Payza or Solid Trust Pay.
The best thing for everyone to do is setup Payza, or SolidTrustPay while we complete work adding an additional method of payment and get it built into the system. PayPal is no longer a method of payment on the website.
The trajectory of the business has been upwards, so keep doing all you have been doing to grow the business and take this to the next level (like you always have) then we'll make it through this challenge in a shorter time.'

16th February 2016
While We Wait PayPal Funds
Plan Moving Forward:
We know for certain the funds inside PayPal will be released. Exactly when that is we do not know, but we are working on getting them released ASAP.
While we wait for the funds to be released, the earnings which are backed up by those funds will be placed into PENDING status.
Sharing positions from adpacks purchased 11 Feb 2016 or before which are active will be placed into PENDING.
Reason being, they have shared in revenues which came in mostly from PayPal purchases.
Pending Withdrawal Requests have been returned to your balance.
Earnings from 11 Feb 2016 or before will be placed into PENDING also. Reason is because earnings before this date mostly came to members from PayPal purchases.
Once PayPal releases the funds and we have them available for payouts, all pending balances and positions will be restored into Active status.
This will make it so you can get paid instantly on the new commissions and earnings generated by the new purchases of services.
In other words, all the business which has been impacted by PayPal is placed into pending while we await for those funds to be released.'

 20th February 2016
'Charles: '...the World Wide TM Bank is ON HOLD for a little bit especially as we need to release those funds out of PayPal. At what stage we might pick those plans up in the future, I don't know. Or if we might take a different direction altogether, I don't know. There's definitely alot there that needs to be sorted out...
...or will it just benefit the members most to just open up a bank account somewhere and handle some types of merchant services. And it probably wouldn't be in Dubai, we'd have the Bank account in the US...'

3rd March 2016:
Update About Traffic Monsoon's Bank and Credit Card Processing:

As you know we released news that we were moving away from PayPal and opening our own bank.'

'The problem we bumped into is PayPal is holding onto the funds. To complete the opening of our bank we need an initial deposit. The required deposit amount is currently held by PayPal'.
We're waiting for PayPal to release these funds, then we can complete the plans of opening our own bank.
We're reviewing concerns members have submitted for us to review relating to opening our own bank, and whether it would be better to simply use a bank account in the USA rather than place funds supporting member balances into our own bank. This is still something under review, even though our original desire was to have our own bank.
We have setup Allied Wallet for processing credit cards directly on the site. The reason it's not live on the site is simply because when the sales come in through this gateway, we want to first have the ability to pay members through Allied Wallet cards. Setting up these cards will take just a little more time. We wanted to have them branded as Traffic Monsoon cards, which may take a couple of months to complete.
It may be decided to use unbranded cards while the branded cards get completed. This is something I have a conference call today to discuss with Allied Wallet.

(above post deleted and replaced with this one:)
 4th MARCH 2016
'Update About Traffic Monsoon's Bank'
As you know, we are working to release funds held by PayPal so we can timely honor all of our commitments to you.

We also are considering a number of payment plans and gateways, including private-labeling a credit card or otherwise arranging for issuance of a credit card.

We may even consider acquiring an interest in, or venturing with, a bank that has the right to issue credit cards. However, for now, we are focused on solving the PayPal situation and rapidly providing to all of you a secure, efficient means of paying for services and sharing revenues.
We already offer a number of alternative payment methods: Payza and Solid Trust Pay
We also are in working with Allied Wallet to process credit cards directly on the site. We hope to complete that process within a few weeks, but we do not yet know the exact timing.
In short, we are diligently working to ensure that each and every one of you can continue to receive the service and benefits traditionally provided by Traffic Monsoon. We are also developing innovative new content and programs that will serve your needs. Bare with us for just a short while and we believe the results very likely will meet or exceed all of your objectives.'

3rd March 2016

10th MARCH 2016


11th MARCH 2016

(73,077 unique members have clicked on ads within Traffic Monsoon TODAY!
That's up from 63,903 a week ago. Many people are realizing, that we're continuing forward as normal.
Yes, PayPal has limited Traffic Monsoon's account and they are holding funds.. all the funds will be transferred to TrafficMonsoon after waiting 180 days, and then placed in other payment processors for withdrawals).


 18th March 2016

21st March 2016
'How To *Correctly* Explain How Traffic Monsoon Works

Basically, people can click through the traffic exchange to earn free adverting credits. People can click on cash links to earn money, and refer others to click on cash links and earn referral cash from each referral click as long as the sponsor has clicked a minimum of 10 ads in the traffic exchange to qualify for referral cash link click earnings. There's no purchase requirement for earning from referral cash links clicks, and no purchase & no click requirement for earning referral purchase commissions. Anyone can surf and never purchase anything and still receive unlimited advertising credits for clicking through the traffic exchange.

If people don't want to surf to earn credits, they can spend money to receive ad service. The revenue from the purchase gets shared with people who have purchased adpacks and qualify through clicking ads to share in revenues. An adpack gives visitor credits through the traffic exchange, banner click credits, and a sharing position. Sharing positions will receive a max of $55.00. There is no set amount these positions receive in a day, and no guarantee the positiosn would ever reach their max. It's completely related to sales of services, and only revenue which has come from advertising sales get shared with those who have qualified. There are multiple services being offered which provide the buyer an ad service, and the revenues from each of these purchases are shared.. and a portion of each purchase goes into reserve.

Get Visitors To Your Website
Advertising your website can increase visitors. If you are a blogger it can increase the number of readers you have. If you are selling something online it can increase the number of potential customers you have.
Earn an income by telling others about the services
Earn an income by telling people to sign-up free and click on cash links.
With AdPacks you receive sharing positions. You can qualify to share in site revenues through clicking a minimum of 10 ads in the traffic exchange.
You can surf an unlimited number of sites and receive an unlimited number of ad credits to be assigned to your ad campaigns.

If you are telling people to "put in" $50 and get out "$55" in ANY time frame-- this is absolutely WRONG. It's not how it works. No one is "putting in" money or "depositing" money. The services we offer are for SALE if people PURCHASE the services. Please DO NOT position traffic monsoon as any sort of investment, because that is NOT what Traffic Monsoon offers. Traffic Monsoon ONLY offers ad services, and since the VALUE of our advertising is membership driven, the revenues from the ad purchases are shared with the members. When you qualify for sharing, there is no guaranteed amount you will receive in a day, and no guarantee (implied or otherwise) that your positions will receive a max of $55. In fact, our ad plans page specifically informs the buyer, "Reaching this maximum is not guaranteed, or affixed to any time frame. It's completely reliant upon sales of services, and you being qualified."

MARCH 23rd 2016
'Allied Wallet Update => => We're almost ready! Things you need to know:
First of all, there is NO need for you to sign-up for Allied Wallet. None. Payments are NOT going to be sent to your Allied Wallet account. Payouts WILL be sent to your CARD which you will order through Traffic Monsoon directly.
When you enter your credit card details for making a purchase, your card information will NOT be stored by Traffic Monsoon for future purchases.
We're working on the order form for sending you cards for payouts to be built into the site when things are completely setup for this to take place.
To make purchases with your credit card you'll first need to upload a photo ID.
We'll also be adding requirement to upload a photo ID to view cash links. This will help strengthen the effectiveness of this form of advertising.
Make sure your Traffic Monsoon account name and address matches what you have on your government issued ID.
If you are uploading your passport, there isn't an address. It's up to you to ensure your address on your Traffic Monsoon account reflects your correct physical address, otherwise if you order an Allied Wallet card to receive payout, your card will not be sent to the correct address.'

March 31st 2016
'There's been SO many uploaded ID's. Right now there are 52930 ID awaiting to be reviewed. We've already done so many. More keep getting submitted all the time. We're not asleep on the job. We just have alot of work to do. We'll make it through this queue, but it will take time. Thank you for your patience.'

APRIL 15th 2016

'Revenue sharing is being fixed. We have run out of space on our servers due to the amount of files being uploaded (both banners and ID cards). We have mounted NAS (Network Attached Storage) onto server 1, which was instantly overloaded due to the processing of so much data. Server 1 crashed. It's being replaced right now. We're also setting up a separate storage site for the data. We're working on resolution which will allow us to fix the revenue sharing as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. When it's fixed, the hours missed will be caught up'.

18th June 2016
"Are people still earning in Traffic Monsoon? YES! Are people still getting paid instantly? YES!!
Haters will only try to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt within you.
In case you have missed the answers previously to these questions:
1. Where is the bank? - The Traffic Monsoon bank was planned before the PayPal limitation. After it was limited, plans continued and it was made known to me after news of the bank was released that an initial deposit was required to complete the plans. With the funds temporarily held by PayPal for 180 days, the plans couldn't continue further until PayPal releases the funds.
With this additional time given to us before completing plans with opening a bank, it's given me a chance to evaluate whether this is truly in the best interest of the company as a whole, or whether simply using an established company such as Allied Wallet, STP, and Payza would be better.

2. What about the bank account in Dubai? - There is a bank account opened there, but there is no need to use it because there is a bank account in the USA. There were some who shared potential that having the bank account in Dubai could create issues for the company. No funds were ever placed in that account.
The bank account in Dubai was only intended to make it easier for people in that region to send wire transfers. Now that there is a business bank account setup in the USA, we are seeing this solution also is working just fine.

3. What happened to Amin Forati? - There were circumstances which caused doubt to fall upon whether this man was doing the things he said he was going to do for the company. It's now spread throughout forums that he is not a Maltese Ambassador any longer. He was dismissed and is currently being investigated for fraud. Amin Forati was let go without pay.

4. What about PayPal releasing funds each 30 days? - I agree. PayPal did say that they would evaluate each 30 days, but they haven't released anything yet.

5. What about debit cards being released? - Allied Wallet cards would be done if it was up to me, but there are APIs and coding details being ironed out. I have been discussing these things with my developer and with Allied Wallet, and I have pressed them to finalize whatever needs to get done, and get these cards released. Both Allied Wallet and our members wish to have these cards released, so we are trying to sort out whatever needs to get done in order to release them.

Obviously everyone is getting paid without problems with STP and Payza. We have improved support so if you haven't received a purchase or withdrawal, our support team is better equip to handle solving things for you."

27th July 2016

'Charles Scoville Good news. I spoke with the SEC this evening, and they have been so kind and wonderful. They have recognized I have been very honest and open with them about everything, and they recognize my pure intentions behind this business. They know and can confirm that the reason I moved funds to my personal account previously to coming to the USA was to protect people's money from these fraudulent checks circulating. They feel we can work something out that allows Traffic Monsoon to move forward through restructuring. More discussions will follow, but I have expressed to them that I want to find through creativity working together with the SEC a way to make everyone happy, or at least say: "oh, it's not that bad!" Additional conversations and meetings with them will follow. More updates to come when they're made available'

31st July 2016
'Regardless of what you think. Traffic Monsoon has more money to pay everyone what they have earned .. More money exists in the payment processors than is owed on member accounts for earnings.. No matter what, there are profit margins .. So even if everyone was buying adpacks, the profit margin was the only thing being shared on all the services anyway. Plus, the service purchased is labeled as a service, not an investment .. And further in terms of service everyone agreed to upon signup, says that buying any service with traffic monsoon is not any form of an investment of any kind. Full disclosure of expectation always provided that qualifying to share in revenues by clicking minimum number of ads does not guarantee any amount you would receive .. but whatever profits generated by processing the sales of services you can surf and qualify to receive. Yes, a max of $55 was set, but there wasn't ever a guarantee it would be reached. No time frame ever given.
I have always done things to help and benefit everyone in this company. The hurt came from PayPal limiting funds. I have always done everything to help lift people, benefit people, and help people achieve something more.. Even the services themselves rank among the best advertising services online.
Just remember I have always worked for the good of members. Always.. Even if plans I released didn't work out and I was called a liar.. it was me who at least tried hard to work for all of you every step of the way since day 1.
When people wonder why I didn't release news that paypal released funds. It took time to request all the funds. July 11th I learned. So I tested it out by sending $100,000 to my bank. I waited to see if it actually came. A few days later I found that they came. I started withdrawing more from PayPal. It took 255 requests to request the total I was able to withdraw. I didn't request it all out in 1 sitting. It took some time. Because I knew it would take time to move the funds out of PayPal, I didn't release that this was happening. I wanted to first get them into Payza then release to the public that PayPal had released some funds. I wanted it to be "BOOM" it's there. I didn't want to tell people PayPal released funds but not be able to do anything. I wanted to tell people this had happened when I could do something, and actually have the balances released!
I didn't have statistics to show me which services revenue came from. to me it didn't matter. Reason is because what was shared was profit margin regardless of service purchased.
Revenue was there and more money existed than was on member balances.
I definitely have shown what was in processors and how much more was there compared to member balances. Ponzis DO NOT have enough money to pay people what they have earned. Traffic Monsoon DOES.
Today 31 July 2016.'

 6th AUGUST 2016

'I've spoken with a few lawyers lately. One thing is clear. Traffic Monsoon is not offering a security. It's not offering an investment. That is one thing very certain through these communications. A security is when someone makes a deposit or investment, and walks away. Does nothing. They rely upon the market to do its thing, and hopefully make a profit. There is no service provided to these "investors". Traffic Monsoon sells services. One service is the adpack. It provides a service. The company also is in need of service: surfers. Surfers are paid when they provide a service to traffic monsoon. Paid with money which actual money already exists and received by the company from the sales of ad services. Money paid from advertisers who made purchases 24 hours ago or more, the surfers provide a service to the company and view other people's websites. Every lawyer I've spoken to about this situation all believe the SEC is wrong in their findings, and especially wrong when they learn that there is more money available than what people have earned!

So why did the SEC file this lawsuit? Why have so many judges been recused from the case after being assigned? The SEC is getting paid. Are you? The receiver is being paid. Are you?

What is their intention here? Is it really to protect you? Or to grab the money? If multiple lawyers all say there is no investment here or any security... and the State of Utah Securities Division closed their file in the past finding no security.. what is truly going on here?

11th August 2016

13th August 2016

15th August 2016

17th August 2016

Since plans were already in motion to open a bank and secure company assets there to avoid this sort of thing, it was decided to turn this situation into a positive. Inform people of the bank plans, and time expectation for this to be completed as given to me by this group of people already working on the plans. I knew it would take 6 months to get all money out from PayPal, but also relied upon PayPal releasing some funds each 30 days. We could transition those funds into the bank, and payout members on cards issued by Traffic Monsoon.

After releasing the news, I went to work trying to help ensure members didn't have to wait 6 months to get paid. Among all the people we met with, there were a few people who seemed genuinely that they could help. Amin Forati positioned himself as someone who could help with PayPal. He believed he could get all the money out with the help of his international contacts within the UN, senators, and various other connections he has within the banking world. The only way he could pull this off was if he was made CFO of the company. Contract was drawn up to include percentage of revenues of the company, he was made CFO, and then time passed. It didn't appear anything was going on. It didn't appear he was doing anything. Time was of the essence, and we needed to find solution urgenty. Since he was bombarded by emails.. and many people contacting me accusing him of lying about his ambassadorship for Malta, and picking into the claims presented by Mr Amin Forati about his background-- plus in additional nothing actually being done to resolve the PayPal issue, but a lie he created about $3 million being released in a month; which never happened.. I had to let him go without pay, and felt the contract was null and void since he truly didn't do anything he was contracted to do... and therefore I was not obligated to pay him anything at all.'

17th AUGUST 2016
'Many of you have not read the full deposition. If you did you would come to a question asked of me about an amount of money removed from my Traffic Monsoon account totaling around $80 million. The SEC wanted to know why I would remove this amount from my account. The SEC was so confused WHY. I told them this was too much money for me. I didn't need that. So I chose to put it in queue for sharing to members, and through time the amount of money I had earned as a personal income from Traffic Monsoon was shared with members instead. I also had my programmer reduce my personal income and place more of it automatically into being shared with members so I wouldn't have to remove it as often.

The SEC's report does not report how much money I had donated to charities. The SEC's report does not report on how much FREE members had withdrawn from clicking on cashlinks and referral commissions.

The SEC's report also does not indicate that millions had already been sent to Payza from my personal account AND HAD BEEN paid out to members. $150,000 per day combined between personal and business account had been sent to Payza Monday-Friday for quite some time. $100,000 from personal and $50,000 from the business account. Having company funds moved over to my personal account to be moved to Payza was quite typical, because I could move more from my personal account because of the account type than the business account type allowed.

Interestingly enough, the SEC's report DOES recognize that Traffic Monsoon website was not selling any investments, and also none of the promotional tools provided by Traffic Monsoon contained anything about investing. The purchase page displays the service a buyer would receive, and also clearly indicates the purchase is not an investment. They also recognize that through the site there is no income guarantees, no refunds, and customer's agreement that their purchase of advertising service is NOT an investment. So why in their report are they calling customers investors?'

19th AUGUST 2016

22nd August 2016

23rd August 2016

Let's put things into perspective so you can see how ridiculous this is. I sell ad service. I reward non-paying customers to click on ads. I chose to reward people who buy an adpack service to click ads from profit margins. I have advised potential customers this is not an investment and only by the service if they want ad service, just like I had in the terms of service. Every effort was made to communicate with the potential customer what it is being offered on my website, and that the offer was not for any sort of investment. No income guarantee. Nothing the definition of investment would warrant had been offered or guaranteed to customers.
In contrast: Hillary Clinton used a personal unsecured email to send/receive confidential information, which is a breach to national security protocols and could have placed our country at significant risk. She lied under oath in her deposition to the FBI.
The Department of Justice looks at what Hillary Clinton did and says, "that was careless." No charges filed. Even though confidential information which was transmitted through an unsecured email address could have placed our nations security at risk!
But me-- PayPal has crippled my business, and because of PayPal's actions people claimed to have been scammed but they fail to understand that I couldn't pay people or deliver the purchased traffic when PayPal was holding onto over $60 million of my company's money. Instead of people understanding that the PayPal limitation blocked my ability to deliver traffic and pay people, heartless people attack my personal integrity because of misunderstanding and twisting things to make me look bad.
Telling the TRUTH in my deposition to the SEC.. selling an ad service and choosing to give my profit margins away is suddenly so terrible there's groups of people who organized who believe I should go to jail for the rest of my life. The SEC has taken away everything I own; making me basically homeless and penniless and powerless to act.'


29th AUGUST 2016

6th SEPTEMBER 2016

SEPTEMBER 16th 2016
Charles Scoville
September 16 at 1:00am
A lot of speculation and twisting of things to make up different stories than what actually is happening.
When the SEC first filed their lawsuit they seemed so kind. They were willing to keep the website online but simply discontinue transactions. They said they wanted to work with me towards a goal of having traffic monsoon move forward in some fashion.
The Receiver took down the website. News articles said the receiver informed me before doing that, but I have received no such communication. So when I said I didn't know why the website was down and it appeared it could be a DDOS attack, people believed the news article accusing me of lying. I never did receive any such update from the receiver. Plus, the receiver also said they were happy to keep the website online and asked if I could add a note about receivership to the website. I agreed, and asked them to provide me a note they wanted me to put. They never provided me any such note, but took the website offline without communicating with me about it beforehand.
I started to see that the sec and receiver weren't being completely honest with me, and I felt they were starting to play around. So I obtained an attorney named Ed Wall.
From what I can see, Ed Wall has a lot of experience and has been a very good attorney for others in the past.
As time went on, I had desire to file motions and make some response before the preliminary injunction. Ed Wall had the belief we just need to wait for the preliminary injunction.
In the search for an attorney I spoke with many different attorneys. Each who wanted to take the case felt confident based upon the facts of the case that I wasn't offering any sort of investment or security, and that traffic monsoon isn't a ponzi. Among all of the attorneys I spoke with I felt Loren Washburn was a very good fit who has the professional experience with this matter to help in the best possible way.
Ed Wall appears to be a very good attorney but just not specialized in securities laws. After speaking with Loren Washburn and one of his associates, I felt their understanding of Securities laws would greatly help resolve the matter from years of experience working with securities, helping companies go public, and working with IPOs. I was told that with all these years of experience and passion for this subject matter, that not only do they know what a security is according to federal laws, but also what a security isn't. They firmly concluded that traffic monsoon is absolutely not a security and definitely not a ponzi especially because every bit of people's earnings are truly available to payout to everyone completely.
So I made the switch a little over a week ago to Loren Washburn's law firm. They wanted to file motions, and when motions are filed the SEC needs a chance to respond to them before the preliminary injuction. So I was informed that they could be changing the date of the preliminary injunction until October sometime. They setup a time to talk with me today about updates for me, but people online discovered the date change before I was updated by my attorneys. This discussion with my attorneys is scheduled to happen today.
My attorneys firmly stand: Traffic Monsoon was not offering any investment product based upon legal definitions and case law. Based upon legal definitions and case law Traffic Monsoon is also not a ponzi. We'll do all we can to continue forward to bring traffic monsoon back, and provide all the services and meet all the commitments to our customers.'

24th September 2016

25th September 2016

More to follow...

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Traffic Monsoon - Amin Forati , D&B and a Dubious Bank

D&B Group, the company that Dr. Amin Forati ran, has suddenly closed its website**:

*update 21.09.2016. The website briefly re-opened with Amin's certificates removed. It has now closed again with this notice:
** 23.09.2016 D&B Group website is now back up and running.   
The D&B Group and Swiss Space Systems have a joint company called 'S3'.

'S3' is back in the Swiss media with this information concerning the Bank involved in the guarantee of $30 Million:

Trade newspaper online; 09/17/2016

Space pioneer with 30 million dollars from a bank Phantom affair

By Christian B├╝tikofer
The battered space pioneer Jaussi wants to save his company S3 from bankruptcy, with a bank guarantee of 30 million dollars. Research shows: The bank apparently exists only on the Web.

No date on which not show the self-proclaimed space pioneer Pascal Jaussi and his company Swiss Space Systems (S3) in the media. Jaussi was attacked and set on fire by unknown persons. Why, it puzzled the public.

One thing is certain: His company S3 is in serious trouble. Million prosecutions weigh heavily on the startup. That made early September publicized. Meanwhile Jaussi blows to media counterattack. He claimed approximately opposite "24 heures", his company is so well positioned as the last 18 months no longer. He had to reach an even greater motivation to his goal of cheap space flight since the attack. In a West Schweizer Illustrierte, he presented his burns.

Not even in the Commercial Register
Again and again, Pascal Jaussi relies on a new capital infusion of 30 million US dollars. Indeed: S3 received on 30th March 2016 bank guarantee to this amount. it was exhibited by Messrs Anthony Kuntz and Lawrence Cheah from the Axios Credit Bank Ltd. with address in Singapore (see picture gallery).

The bankers give themselves secretive: Man was not pleased with the attack against Jaussi, but they could not make the deal details, yet one wants to say who owns the bank or where they have exactly headquartered. In Singapore, the bank is not even listed in the register. The local financial market supervision Monetary Authority of Singapore does not regulate the bank, said an official against and not regulated by any authority.

The Axios Credit Bank says it is a private bank, regulated by the rules of the ECCB ( "We are Category B Private Bank registered under ECCB Regulations"). With ECCB the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank is meant. The Axios claiming so, they subject to the directives of the Central Bank of the six Caribbean small states and two British colonies Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Anguilla and Montserrat.

But claims to know neither the ECCB nor the national financial authorities of the eight islands that Axios Credit Bank - let alone monitor. Neither current nor registers in already deleted databases appeared on the institute. has obtained relevant information from all authorities. Even more, the experts of national Banking Supervision of St. Kitts and Nevis warned explicitly Axios. The retention of basic information (where the bank has its real seat who their shareholders, etc.), is an important warning signal. In transactions with this bank, one should exercise extreme caution (see picture gallery).

Website exists since January

Further research also show: The Bank website has been registered through this January. For whom the website belongs, is concealed by an anonymizer service. And on Facebook, the company also exists only since this year.

As director of the Bank is acting a certain ngul Ming Thang. On his personal website and on Linkedin, it presents itself as a visionary young entrepreneur. he has not voted on Google in August the same five star Seine Bank. This certainly can not hide the fact that the Axios Credit Bank apparently operated in a vacuum, unregulated stands and exists primarily on the Internet.

(This newspaper article was translated from German to English, so please forgive the Translation)
The basics of this article appear to be that Swiss Space Systems and the D&B Groups company S3 had a $30 million Bank guarantee (from Dr. Amin Forati) in March 2016 when Forati was still working for Charles at Traffic Monsoon.
The problem is, the bank: Axios Credit Bank, doesn't appear to be regulated by any financial authority and is only available on the internet.

The obvious conclusions of this information are that funds from Traffic Monsoon (via Amin Forati) were channelled via a dubious bank. This is purely speculation at this stage but the story is ongoing and is currently being investigated by the Swiss media.

Much more to follow. Watch this space! 

Saturday, 17 September 2016

My Advertising Pays - Corporate Announcement Explained

Alot has happened over the last couple of days so we want to clarify exactly what the message Mike sent out, actually means.
This is the Announcement again in full:

Hello Everyone,
First and foremost, let me apologize for the lack of communication lately; and simultaneously thank you for your patience.
Four (4) years ago MAP evolved out of a simple sketch and, since then, has blossomed into a financial phenomenon. More than anything, however, MyAdvertisingPays has provided each and every one of us with an exciting journey and changed thousands of lives all across the globe. Together we have navigated through rough and calm seas, always with our sights focused on the continuing growth and prosperity of our members.
The last few weeks have seen technical issues not previously experienced and credit card processing issues that we are still grappling with. Thankfully these technical issues (resulting mainly from a large data transfer) have all but resolved themselves, and after a brief forty-eight (48) hour shut down on this upcoming Monday (09/19/2016), we plan to be fully operational on Wednesday (9/21/2016).
This being said, however, the credit card processing issues still persist. For reasons that continue to be withheld from us,our credit card processor has elected to place a hold on our USD Reserve Fund, limiting our ability to transact business and greatly hindering members profit share distributions.
Simultaneously, despite heavy pressure, our credit card processor has unilaterally elected to withhold Euro funds for undisclosed and unanticipated periods of time – sometimes upwards of six (6) months. Needless to say, we have consulted with our attorney and – without immediate action on the part of the credit card processor – we look to institute legal action in order to recoup these funds immediately.
Consequently, while our technical solutions allow for business-as-usual to begin on Wednesday (9/21/2016), our credit card processing issues provide no immediate deadline for solution.
Accordingly, we are forced to suspend MAP transactions, both financial and otherwise, until these credit card processing issues can effectively be brought to a close. It goes without saying that this will be a shock to you as it has been for all of us here at MAP. We have put our all into building this amazing product and now are being choked into submission by outside sources.
This all being said, while slowly and painfully trudging through the effects of our credit card processing woes, we do have some fantastic developments. During the course of our expansion and growth, we have been lucky enough to garner the attention of a number of large corporate partners. As luck would have it, we have begun discussions with a number of blue chip corporations that, through partnership with the existing MAP executive team, would greatly influence MAP’s international reach and – as a result – your bottom line.
It goes without saying that, while we are making our way through our existing credit card processing issues, we have remained truly excited about sharing this development with our loyal members!
The upcoming two (2) weeks will be loaded with updates as they become available to us, and – as always – we thank you for your commitment and patience.
'..after a brief 48 hour shutdown this Monday 19th...'
sounds like 'My Advertising Pays' is completely shutting down for 48 hours and will apparently re-open on Wednesday 21st . There  is absolutely no reason for a total shutdown, it makes no sense and is highly suspicious. We'll be watching that one closely.

Secondly '...our credit card processor has elected to place a hold on our USD Reserve Fund, limiting our ability to transact business and greatly hindering members profit share distributions.Simultaneously, despite heavy pressure, our credit card processor has unilaterally elected to withhold Euro funds for undisclosed and unanticipated periods of time – sometimes upwards of six (6) months.'

Mike is saying that the processor is 'withholding funds', rather than 'a freeze on processing', this makes a big difference. 

'A hold on funds generally refers to the procedure by which a processor withholds X amount of a merchant’s processing volume due to “suspicious” transactions. Once held, those funds will not be deposited to the merchant’s checking account, and can be held indefinitely pending an investigation. Moreover, funds from open authorizations (i.e. recently processed transactions) may be withheld as well.
A hold may occur in unison with a processing freeze (when a merchant temporarily shuts down payment processing abilities), but not in every case. Sometimes the processor may allow the merchant to continue processing new transactions, so as to prevent them from having to shut down their ability to accept credit cards completely.'

So  'Withholding Funds'  means that the payment processor suspects My Advertising Pays of  'SUSPICIOUS' transactions -which means they legally  have to report these suspicions to the relevant authorities.

This is bad enough, but why does Mike have to shut down the whole of  'My Advertising Pays'?
 He has TWO payment processors, VX GATEWAY and SOLID  TRUST PAY .
If  VX GATEWAY  have frozen funds, why not just use Solid Trust Pay? 

This is further proof that MAPS and VX GATEWAY are the same,
look at these identical addresses on their websites:

There is no need to 'to suspend MAP transactions, both financial and otherwise..,'

unless of course, Mike is lying, which wouldn't be the first time, would it?