Sunday, 26 July 2015

How to Define a Pyramid Scheme.

How do you know if a company is a Pyramid scheme or not? 
By seeing if it passes the Koscot Test.
Check it out for yourselves:

Friday, 24 July 2015


Updated: 7th January 2017 

VXGateway Inc. was dissolved on September 26th 2016.
VXGateway Ltd, the company registered at UK Companies House, is still ACTIVE.
VX Corp Ltd was dissolved on 20th April 2015.

All of these companies are/were registered to Celia Dunlop.

VX Gateway Ltd list their business as:

'Agents involved in the sale of machinery, industrial equipment, ships and aircraft (46140)
Wholesale of petroleum and petroleum products (46711)
Other information technology and computed service activities (62090)'

They are registered in Panama:
Suite 11616 APDO 0832-1236, World Trade Centre, Panama City, Panama.

'APDO' in Spanish means PO BOX.

They have between 1 and 10 employees.

The company is listed as 'sociedad anonima'  which means  'Anonymous society'.
The founder is:
Timothy Alan MacKay, who lives in Texas and has no photo on his Linked-in profile.

The treasurer and secretary is Celia Eileen Jean Dunlop, who has no photo on her profile:

who has also registered a VX company in Chelmsford England:

The directors are listed as:

Timothy Alan MacKay
Celia Eileen Jean Dunlop
Aura Arias

There is also a Linked-In profile for a 'Yon Zeimet' who claims to be the 'SEO' of VX GATEWAY. 

The photo is just a stock photo and is used in other web pages.

But he also has a Facebook page that was started on 30th May 2012. 

If VX GATEWAY was a professional run company they would have proper 'Linked-In' profiles and genuine pictures.
There is no need for a legitimate company to hide behind fake profiles and cartoon photos.

These are the ALEXA rankings for VX GATEWAY.

35% of ALL it's traffic comes from My Advertising Pays.
 No other merchants are listed.
What other customers do they have?

These are their contact details:

An address they share with 26 other businesses!

and if you google the number they give: 786-288-3366
You get FLORIDA!

This is their Facebook page:

It was launched in May 2013 and has since been deserted.
Don't bother commenting or asking for help, NOBODY'S THERE!

And look at this:

The address and email details for Merchant services is:
17b Edifico Officinas Obarrio 60
Calle 60 Este, Bella Vista,
Panama City,
Republic of Panama ( a spelling error?)

And finally, this is VX Gateways Representative offices:

Representative office in Mauritus:
 Suite 501, St. James Court, St. Denis Street, Port Louis, Mauritus.

Representative office in Georgia:

9, Dzma Kherkheulidze Str #14 Apt 3, City Rustavi, Georgia.

Representative office in Azerbaijan:


3 inshaatchiliar avenue, Baku city, Yasamai district, AZ1073 

And this is My Advertising Pays Representative Offices:

Representative office in Mauritus:
 Suite 501, St. James Court, St. Denis Street, Port Louis, Mauritus.

Representative office in Georgia:

9, Dzma Kherkheulidze Str #14 Apt 3, City Rustavi, Georgia.

Representative office in Azerbaijan:


3 inshaatchiliar avenue, Baku city, Yasamai district, AZ1073 


To conclude:
VX GATEWAY is REGISTERED in Panama and operates out of a PO BOX.
It's company is listed as an ANONYMOUS SOCIETY.
It has NO photographs of it's directors or owners.
It lists its employees as between 1 and 10 and I've already listed FOUR of them here.
This is a company with owners and directors you can't see,
a mailing address in HOUSTON it shares with 26 others,
a phone number in FLORIDA, no listed email address, no social media contact...and a spate of offices that it shares with My Advertising Pays!
Do you REALLY trust this company to handle hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of MAPS transactions? 

(Many thanks to my good friend Jack McGarth who helped me put this information together)

For your information:
VX GATEWAY was registered on 21st August 2007.
MAPS was registered on February 23rd 2005.

30th September 2016

VXGATEWAY have closed their website with this message:

Companies House in the UK have VXGATEWAY Ltd registered.

This is the address in Aire Street:

A virtual office in Leeds is really handy if you have to run a multi-million dollar International Payment Processor Company from a P.O Box in Panama. 

6th October 2016

Companies House have sent me this email confirming that no such Liquidation has taken place:

(to date 5th October at 9.10am no liquidator has been registered at Companies House)

10th October 2016
This is some information posted over a year on the  forum by my good buddy Ribshaw:

'Did a little poking on VX Gateway. Including Panama, every address "Celia Dunlop" of ICFC Services Inc, has used is a mail drop. There are also some silly sounding websites that come up under What I think is don't send your money to ghosts if you want to keep it. But this post is just some random stuff for Mapper consumption.
An industry article for those not swayed by the universe will provide if I wish upon a star line of thinking.
Risk Associated with Third-Party Payment Processors FIN-2012-A010

Random VX Gateway stuff.

There are 26 companies that have an address matching 2630 Fountain View Dr Ste 403 Houston, TX 77057-7625

2630 Fountain View Dr Ste 403 Houston, TX 77057-7625

Balance Sheet as at 28 February 2015

2015 2014
£ £
Current assets
Cash at bank and in hand 1 1
Net assets 1 1
Issued share capital
1 A Ordinary Share of £1 each 1 1

Did you know that there are 659 companies registered at 2ND FLOOR, 43 BROOMFIELD ROAD, CHELMSFORD, ESSEX, UNITED KINGDOM, CM1 1SY in Chelmsford?399 companies are active, 258 companies are dissolved and 2 companies are in liquidation.


VX Gateway Corp. Corporate Officers, Directors and C-Level Executives
Celia Dunlop - Director for Vx Gateway Corp.

Administrative Contact

Celia Dunlop
ICFC Services Inc
PTY-11616, 2250 NW 114th Ave. Unit 1P
Miami, FL 33172
Telephone: 17862203357
Email: - Vxgateway WHOIS, DNS, & Domain Info - DomainTools


Not sure how this ties in, but came up for 2013 site ownership of a few of the above.
mackay.timothy([at]) Is Associated With 16 Domains

I've  highlighted the 'biduwin' connection because an interesting piece of info has just surfaced regarding this and the VX GATEWAY liquidation:

'Hello Mapper,
if you enter only the IP address of ( in the browser to get down on the side of BIDUWIN!
Here you can log in you with the VXGATEWAY data! Then you are normally on your VX-account !!! I have tested it! You can change your data there, etc. ??? I've even paid $ 10 via Paypal - a look !?'

14th October 2016:

VXGateway Inc. was  Liquidated on 26th September 2016

VX GATEWAY Ltd is still listed as Active at Companies House UK.
 The Liquidation notice on its page says INC, not Ltd:

15th October 2016.

My opinion is that VXGateway Inc/Ltd and Corp are all the same company and are 

closely linked with My Advertising Pays, which is currently not working, and not paying.

We still have no Official details of the supposed Liquidation of VXGATEWAY INC. and the company is still listed as active under VXGATEWAY Ltd.

Celia Dunlop is listed on every 'VXGATEWAY' company document. 

7th January 2017

My Advertising Pays began court proceedings against VX Gateway in December 2016 alleging they stole $60 million.
VX Gateway say that GPN Data have stolen it and won't return it.
My Advertising Pays is now closed and has relaunched as 'The Advert Platform'.
The Advert Platform is now using GPN Data as it's new payment processor.

VX Gateway describes itself as:
VX Gateway inc('VX') Cloud Payment Framework - enables countries and governments to take control of Tax collection, ongoing remittances, and incoming revenue streams including movements of money from treasury, government departments, financial institution, commerce and citizens...'

So if big government departments were using VX Gateway and had, by conclusion, lost Taxpayers vast sums of money, you'd have thought that SOMEWHERE, there would be reference to it? The media would have jumped on this story straight away, surely?
And yet, not only has there been ZERO attention to it, VX Gateway have also posted a notice on their site proclaiming that the cut off date for claims is February 20th 2017.

This is VX Gateways response to the lawsuit brought by My Advertising Pays:

More to follow...

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Simon Stepsys Exposed in the Daily Mirror

Lovely to see Simon Stepsys has finally been exposed in the National Papers:

Simon was repeatedly asked to comment on his activities and about his promotion of 'My Advertising Pays'. Simon had a captive audience of hundreds of thousands of people. Great publicity for MAPS, yet refused point blank to answer any questions. He could have laid out the MAPS business model, put himself onto the International stage and spoken out about his 'negative' press. But nothing. Silence. 
Ask yourselves, WHY?

Thursday, 16 July 2015

UK Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Act 2008.

The UK Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Act 2008 means that people can be prosecuted for PROMOTING PONZI schemes. This is the first successful prosecution. Simon Stepsys, Danny Turner, Tony and Lynne Booth and any of the other PONZI scam promoters:
BE WARNED! Your time is coming!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

ASA have UPHELD complaints

The ASA have upheld our complaint about Simon Stepsys and in particular My Advertising Pays.
This is a small section of the ruling:

'... We noted Simon Stepsys' assertion that no personal selling was required to make money. However, we noted that the
My Advertising Pays website stated that it offered an "opportunity that rewards you for selling cost-effective online advertisements" and that results would vary depending on the "sales skills of each participant".

We considered that consumers would understand from ad (b) that no selling would be involved. Because we understood that selling was involved, and because we had not seen any evidence to demonstrate that that was not the case, we concluded that the ad was misleading and had breached the Code.

On that point, ad (b) breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 (Misleading advertising) and 3.7 (Substantiation).

The ads must not appear again in their current form. We told Simon Stepsys Success International Ltd to ensure that they did not make earnings claims unless they could be substantiated, and not to claim that selling was not involved in an opportunity if that was not the case...'

The ASA also states:
'...we needed to see evidence that showed that respondents could routinely expect to earn that amount of money. However, we had not seen any evidence to demonstrate that consumers would earn any money. Because Simon Stepsys had not provided any evidence to substantiate the claims, we concluded that they were misleading and had breached the Code.'

P.s, Simon has just closed down his old company and is now director of a new one:

Monday, 13 July 2015

How Receivers Distrubute Funds

This is the latest information from the ZEEK REWARDS receivers regarding distribution of THEIR recovered funds. It uses a system called the 'Rising Tide' method . This doesn't mean that Banners Broker affiliates will be using this system, but the information below will give you an idea of what to expect and the time scales involved:


I am pleased to announce that we will be making a second partial interim distribution to all Affiliates who hold Allowed Claims on the next Court authorized distribution date (July 31, 2015), which, when combined with the first partial interim distribution and the amounts paid by Zeek Rewards before it was shut down, will return to victims 60% of allowed claimed losses due to the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme.

There has been some confusion about how the amounts of distributions are calculated using the Court ordered “rising tide” method. The rising tide method of loss calculation is designed to make every recognized claimant equally whole (as a percentage of their investment). Take for example two recognized claimants, each of whom invested $10,000 into the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme. The first claimant received nothing back from Zeek Rewards while the scheme was operating. The second claimant received $4,000 out of Zeek Rewards before it was shut down. Under the rising tide method, the second claimant is deemed to have already received 40% of her investment back, while the first claimant has received nothing back. When we made the first partial interim distribution of 40% the first claimant received $4,000, but the second claimant did not receive a distribution check.

When the second interim partial distribution is made, the first claimant will receive an additional $2,000, and the second claimant (who did not get a first distribution) will receive $2,000. This will ensure that both claimants have received 60% of the amounts they invested. While some Affiliates have complained about the rising tide method, I believe it is the most fair way to make the Zeek Rewards victims equally whole; two investors put $10,000 into the scheme and each will receive $6,000 total, whether it was received from the scheme itself, or from distributions from the receivership, or a combination of both.

There also has been some confusion about our quarterly distributions. Some mistakenly believe that they will receive a distribution every quarter. There was a first partial interim distribution and will soon be a second. Each quarter we send distribution checks only to claimants who completed the claims process since the last quarter.

Unfortunately, nearly 50,000 claimants with recognized claims have not received a first, nor will they receive a second, partial interim distribution. The only reason for this is that those 50,000 claimants have not electronically signed the Release and OFAC certification available through the claims portal. Many have called or emailed asking for personal assistance signing and submitting these forms. We will soon create and post on the receivership website an instructional video showing how to electronically sign and submit the Release and OFAC certification through the claims portal. The cost to create and post this video will be a minimal expense to the receivership.

We have received calls and emails asking that we cut off the recovery rights of the 50,000 recognized claimants who have not completed the process and distribute their share of distributions to those who have. That day may come, but it has not yet. I will give each claimant with a recognized claim every opportunity to receive their share of the recovery. Nonetheless, I implore everyone to promptly complete the Court required process. Sometime before the end of the receivership I will have no option but to ask the Court for permission to distribute all remaining receivership assets to only those recognized claimants who have completed the process.

If your contact information has changed, or the claims portal shows that you were issued a check that you have not received, or a check you were mailed was issued in the wrong name, please click on the following link to learn how to let us know:

After this second partial interim distribution, the receivership will maintain sufficient funds to pay those claimants who have not yet, but hopefully will, electronically sign the Release and the OFAC certification, and sufficient funds to allow the receivership team to continue to pursue additional recoveries for the ultimate benefit of eligible Affiliates. We are not going to hold onto money that we could otherwise distribute to victims.

We are in negotiations or litigation with financial services firms to recover tens of millions of dollars for Affiliates. The litigation against U.S and foreign net winners (those who took more money out of the scheme than they put in, essentially holding the victims money) is progressing. I remain confident that we will succeed in all of these efforts. Unfortunately, litigation is never quick, and once we have judgments against the net winners, in amounts exceeding $200 million, we will have to collect on those judgments. I don’t anticipate making a third partial interim distribution for quite some time because the funds for such a distribution will largely have to come from litigation recoveries that will take quite some time.

I know and understand that recovering only 60% of your investment is not what you want. I have read letters from and spoken to many of you. I know the hardships that Zeek Rewards inflicted on thousands of people. It may be no comfort, but a 60% recovery by victims of a Ponzi scheme is unusually high, and I am proud that the receivership team spends less as a percentage of total recoveries than any receivership of which I am aware.

I am entirely confident that when we are finished with our work on your behalf your total recovery will be more than the 60% we will distribute. I ask you for your patience, and thank you for your continuing support.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

ASA Ruling on Simon Stepsys complaint.

The Advertising Standards Agency has ruled on complaints made against Simon Stepsys. 
The outcome will be publicly available on Wednesday July 15th.

p.s 10th July
This is the SECOND ASA Ruling. The first was in November 2014 but some idiot has plastered all the facebook pages with links to the FIRST ruling!
Who is the Anonymous comment (in the Comments section) below who thinks the latest ASA ruling is resolved? I'll let you be the judge!