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Charles Scoville and Amin Forati - The CFO Story.

The story I'm about to tell you has been relayed to me by two separate sources over the last few months. There are a few pieces of the jigsaw missing, but overall, enough of the story to see a picture.

Many months ago, a gentleman I'll call 'X' gave Amin Forati a considerable amount of money to invest, but returns on this investment were not forthcoming.
 'X' complained to Amin in January 2016, so Amin showed 'X' his personal PayPal account - containing several million dollars - to prove that he had the funds available to repay 'X'  his money.
'X' however, refused. He wanted his money to be repaid from the business account he thought he was investing in, not a personal account with money in it from unknown sources, so he refused the money and told Amin he was going to the Authorities.
'X' was then threatened by Amin. A threat he took seriously after an attack on the CEO of Swiss Space Systems (S3).
Amin had been a guarantor ($30 million Swiss Francs) to S3 to prevent the company going into Bankruptcy. The full story and Newspaper Article from 'Le Matin Dimanche' is here:

In December 2015, 'Y' was at a party where Forati and a member of Traffic Monsoon were introduced to each other.  'Y' realised, as the night continued, that Traffic Monsoon was an obvious scam and wanted no part of it.  'Y' warned Forati against getting involved with Traffic Monsoon as he was afraid it may interfere with his business at S3 and Mubadala (an investment and development company in UAE). He also warned his friend against being involved with Traffic Monsoon, but it was too late. His friend had already helped Charleto establish a TM subsidiary in UAE, which entitled Charles to a residency UAE Visa as a partner. The company ( TM Middle East ***) was to be used so that funds could be wired directly to it without additional government monitoring.

 Several days later, 'Y' learned of a meeting at the Jumeriah Beach Hotel between Charles, a Traffic Monsoon lawyer, Amin and a couple of other gentlemen.
'Y' was surprised to hear that this meeting resulted in Amin entering into a contract with TM which made Amin the CFO of Traffic Monsoon.

A few weeks later, in February 2016, Charles, for whatever reason,  no longer wanted Amin to be the CFO of Traffic Monsoon and asked him to attend a meeting so they could part ways on friendly terms. The meeting was held in an outside Restaurant in open view.
Charles was reported to be looking sad and upset to the point of tears. An English gentleman was with him as his advisor.
At this meeting, it was revealed that Charles had employed Amin to be his CFO so he could use Amins supposed connections to get PayPal to release all the millions it had frozen.
But Amin had not managed to do this. Funds from PayPal were still frozen.
Amin then informed Charles that many accounts had already been opened around the world to deposit funds into, which had involved numerous team members and many lawyers.    
Amin also told Charles that he had set up a Payza Account and moved around $2 million of Traffic Monsoons money into it.
A heated argument then broke out. Forati refused to sign any resignation documents releasing him from the Traffic Monsoon contract.  
Eventually, they all agreed that Amin could calculate his expenses etc; so that Charles could buy him out. 
What happened next, or how much money was exchanged between Amin and Charles, is not known. 


Just like 'X', 'Y' had also been in business with Forati and by now, had also decided he wanted his money back. But Forati refused. His behaviour was loud and threatening and 
'Y' felt he had no choice but to start legal proceedings against Forati for Fraud.

The problem now however for both 'X' and 'Y' is that Amin has fled the country and can not be located. 
He was last seen on September 20th 2016.
Amins company D&B is still active even through he isn't present, so he is still able to continue his business activities, where ever that may be.

This note has appeared on Amins apartment door as evidence showing he has abandoned his residential property in Dubai. A Dubai court has issued a 30 day warrant for unpaid rental for more than a year, which was issued on 30 Oct 2016.

Amin has been requested to attend a hearing by police forces in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah as a number of complainers now exist to accuse Amin of dubious financial activities resulting in losses in excess of 1.5 Million USD.

So where is Amin? I don't know.
But an interesting statement appears on his D&B website:

'D&B has a UAE based management team and corporate entities the US, UAE, and Philippines.
D&B has close political ties in the Philippines and has enlisted the support of politicians, business leaders, and entertainers.
World famous boxer Manny Pacquiao, who also serves as a congressman, acts as D&B’s official spokesman.'

So maybe the Philippines would be a good place to start looking?

UPDATE 29th April 2017

Amin Forati is now in Dubai and has had his passport seized.
He has been arrested twice and been in jail for short periods of time on both occasions. 
He is currently out on bail.

(Amin Forati (Traffic Monsoons ex-CFO) after his second arrest in Dubai on April 17th 2017 This arrest was unconnected to the current Traffic Monsoon lawsuit.)

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  1. the plot thickens!

  2. I'm blow away, this scam was going on from day one, and lots of people knew about it, from Charles family and friends to alsorts, one big scam, what's the story now with the courts, are they going to jail?

    1. We're a long way off knowing that I'm afraid.

  3. A Swiss court has declared Swiss Space Systems (S3) bankruptcy yesterday. Details about agreement between Mr Forati and S3 can be found in the S3 statuts, on the Swiss registry of commerce, here :


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