Banners Broker LIQUIDATION Information


To apply to be a creditor of Banners Broker please contact:

Paul Appleton @ David Rubin and Partners. 

020 7400 7900

Their website address is:


Paul Mc Carthy is there Media spokesman and will happily answer any questions you may have regarding the Liquidation. This is a statement from him:

Hi this is a message on behalf of the liquidators of BBIL. I'm now handling all media, PR and comms for the joint liquidators and I'd like to let you know there's an official website which has gone live It's a site designed to provide as much info as possible for creditors, act as a forum for Q&As, answer FAQs, provide creditors with a proof of debt form and update creditors wherever and whenever possible.
An email has been sent out to thousands of creditors today informing them of the site and also outlining the recently formed Committee of Inspection which is five individuals who represent the interests of the creditors.
Please feel free to contact me if I can help or advise on any element of the liquidation in terms of PR, media or comms. 
My website

Paul McCarthy

It is not too late to apply. Official time scales will be printed on this page and my home page as soon as the information is available.

Thank you.

Below is a selection of screenshots from the Court Documents with the most important bits of information on them. 
Full pages are on here:


This is an OVERVIEW which explains the basics:


  1. Scum bag Driscoll& family have made fortune out of BB!! and yet he wants more..
    His evidence to the court was a pack of lies..
    But heh..he only started with a Red Package.

  2. What a blow in the face. Many people risked their life savings in hope of a good return on their investments. I would hope that these "scum bags" get a prison sentence and never get out; they have literally destroyed the lives of many people. Many retirees will now be without any return and with the lose of their investments. Including myself. This is so sad. I hope we have a chance of getting part of our money back. Slim chance, though.

  3. Hello Anon, have you tried Chargeback? Are you eligible? If you paid BB in the last 540 days you have a good chance of getting back all your money. Otherwise you can contact the liquidators.

  4. Hi! I see so much on here helping affiliates who paid Banners Broker using their credit card. Not very much if anything if a credit card was not used. I "invested" in Banners Broker using a paylink international payment application paper form at the help-desk inside my actual bank. I have my receipt. What can I do?

  5. Hello Anon, you have written to me a few times now but this information is new. Go to the bank concerned and tell them the facts about BB. If this bank is a sympathetic one, you may have a chance at Chargeback. But I think the Liquidators are your best bet.

  6. hi tara any contact,email for BB liquidators?thanks

    1. Everything you need is at the top of this page anon. They are very helpful and should contact you very quickly.

  7. Hi tara,
    is it now too late to get the money I invested in BB back or can i still look into this?

    1. Hi Anon, no, it isn't to late. We haven't got a deadline yet for Creditors. Contact the Liquidators directly and they will help you.

  8. Hi Tara, I invested some money in banners brokers in 2013 have I missed the deadline for creditors?? If not, please can you point me to the right direction who do I need to contact?
    Much appreciated. I think you're doing a great job!

    1. Hello Anon, no it isn't too late. Contact them directly and they will advice you. Details at the top of this page.

  9. Replies
    1. It means that a companies assets are sold and (cash) recovered to re-distrubute to its creditors.

    2. is it stll too late?

    3. No, it isn't too late. Apply to the liquidators at the address provided.


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